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The history of our company dates back to 2018 when, while traveling around Europe, I stopped for dinner in a small but pleasant cafe. Then for the first time I saw a biofireplace located on the wall of a cafe and not having any special devices such as a chimney, etc. Only beautiful design and live flame!

At that moment, I realized what I was missing in our city apartment and how to make it more comfortable, while giving the interior an aesthetic look.


The atmosphere created with the biofireplace is truly unique! After all, it combines pleasant and warm associations about evenings in the country next to the fireplace with your favorite book and a cup of warm, fragrant tea.

The biofireplace is a modern and environmentally friendly element of decor, since it uses bioethanol for its work. Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel because it does NOT emit soot or carbon monoxide (CO) when burned.

That is why the biofireplace does not need to install a chimney, so it can be installed in city apartments, restaurants, offices, etc.

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Партнёры и TÜV

Partners and quality

Our company cooperates with manufacturers who have more than 20 years of experience in the production of bio-fireplaces and other quality products, therefore they are masters in their field.

The level of high quality of our products is confirmed by the German TÜV quality certificates. You can read more about TÜV on our blog by clicking on this link.

Safe use

Of course, you need to understand and remember that the flame in the biofireplace is real! Which means that you need to follow some rules and recommendations for the safe use and placement of the biofireplace. Then you can calmly and comfortably enjoy your new cozy interior!

You can find our recommendations and tips on our blog page.

Recommendations for the safe installation of a biofireplace under the TV
Biofireplace design SilverFlame

Your design!

Thinking about the comfort of our customers, we also offer you the opportunity to design your own unique biofireplace!

The possibility of choosing a color, engraving on the body of the biofireplace and / or glass, as well as the shape (if this does not contradict safety).

To do this, we need a description / drawing of your idea, after which our designer will create sketches based on them, and if they suit you, we will make you a price offer.

You can read more about creating your own design in our blog.

Наша установка

Хоть и большая часть наших биокаминов не нуждается в какой-либо особой установке, для некоторых она может понадобится (угловые биокамины, некоторые настенные биокамины).

Мы можем порекомендовать вам наш список строительных фирм, с кем мы ведём сотрудничество и которые с радостью помогут вам с установкой Вашего нового биокамина!

С данным списком и условиями вы сможете ознакомиться перейдя по ссылке.