Biofireplaces / Installation & Operation Manual

This document is an essential part of the product. This Manual, including all photos, figures and trademarks, is copyright-protected. The Manufacturer reserves its right to correct and modify this Manual without any obligation of prior notice. For further information, go to NB! In case of contradictions in writing in different languages, the English version will be considered the official version.




•Always follow all applicable local laws and standards when installing and using the product.
•Read and understand this Manual before attempting to install or operate the product.
•This product is not designed for continuous operation.
•The biofireplace is a decorative product intended for indoor use and periodic outdoor use on patios and balconies, if shelter is provided against inclement weather (including wind, rain, low temperatures and high humidity).
•Operate the product only as permitted herein.
•Keep out of reach of children!
•Never leave the product unattended when in use.
•Do not leave the product burning when unattended.
•Use in well ventilated indoor spaces.
•Use the bio fuel grade specified by the Manufacturer (the recommended product is BIO-DECO bio fuel).
• Do not overfill beyond the maximum capacity shown by the MAX mark on the bio-fuel canister
•Never place any combustible or flammable materials on this product.
•Make sure that the wall / table top / floor on which the product will stand / hang is sound and strong enough to support the product’s weight.
•Do not attempt to modify the bioireplace.
•Caution! The biofireplace is hot when it burns.
•Do not artificially feed the fire with jets or gusts of air.
•If the Bio Fireplace features convective (air) heating grates or air vents, keep them open and never obscure or close them with anything.
•Keep the bio fuel at ambient temperature and away from all fire hazard zones according to applicable local regulations.
•Keep a working fire extinguisher certified for ethanol-fuelled fire in room in which the product is installed (the correct fire extinguisher charge is CO2; alternatively, a fire safety blanket will be sufficient).
•Use original service parts only.
•The absorbing insert in the bio-fuel canister will degrade over time. Replace it every two years.
•The Manufacturer allows only the decorative accessories sold by to be placed inside the fireplace hearth.
•Never place any decorative accessories directly over the biofireplace burner.



Install the bio-fuel canister only with the biofireplace already installed at the location of use. Keep the biofireplace at least 1 m away from all combustible materials and products. Before installing the biofireplace, make sure that the room it is to be used in has a sufficient natural ventilation system and no air supply grate is closed or otherwise obstructed. Do not use the biofireplace in rooms with an internal volume below 40 m3. More than one biofireplace can be used in a single room if their total fuel consumption does not exceed 0.6 l/h and sufficient additional ventilation is ensured. The ventilation should change the full air volume in the room at least once an hour.

The biofireplace for permanent built-in installation shall be attached on a flat or corner wall, or for drop-in installation in a wall recess made in a non combustible material or made of building boards (e.g. fire-rated drywall panels). Depending on the biofireplace model, its back panel may feature holes required for suspended installation or round holes for direct bolting to the installation substrate. The dedicated installation bolts and wall plugs are supplied with the product as required by its model. If the biofireplace has not been securely fastened in place, adjust the bolt tightening torque properly. The “Oscar” biofireplace must be fastened with the included installation rail. If the biofireplace is dropped into a wall recess, maintain the required gap between the biofireplace and its casing within the wall recess (10 mm minimum).


Standalone biofireplace do not require permanent fastening to any structural component. Some standalone product versions may require assembly before use. Tabletop biofireplace are standalone products which can be placed directly on furniture or wall shelves. Depending on the biofireplace model, it may have a glazing system included with a special base for the glass pane assembly.



Light the fire in the biofireplace once its installation has been completed. Do not refuel with the bio fuel when the biofireplace is burning. Do not light the fire in the product when hot. The bio-fuel canister will remain hot for up to 1 hour after the fire has died out. Inspect the bio-fuel canister for integrity and leaks every time before refuelling. The bio-fuel canister features a safety absorbing insert to prevent spilling the bio fuel if the biofireplace is tilted or falls to a side. Do not overfill beyond the maximum capacity shown by the MAX mark on the bio-fuel canister. Do not light the biofireplace if overfilled with the fuel. If the bio fuel is spilled, immediately wipe it off all surfaces with paper towel. Light the biofireplace with long fireplace matches or a fireplace lighter. The flames have the right colour and height after 15 minutes from lighting. The flame height depends on the ventilation of the room. The bio-fuel canisters with a sliding damper allow adjusting the flame height by moving the handle to set the sliding damper opening ratio. Adjust the flame height so that the top section of the biofireplace body is not exposed directly to fire. Keep a safe distance of 0.5 m minimum from the biofireplace when lit and burning. Depending on the model, the fuel consumption may vary from 0.2 l/h to 0.6 l/h.



To extinguish the flame in the biofireplace, operate the handle to close the sliding damper and isolate the air flow from the burner. Before re-lighting the biofireplace, wait for it to cool down to ambient temperature. Never put out the biofireplace with water or any liquid. If the spilled bio fuel is ignited, use a dry powder fire extinguisher or smother the fire with a nonflammable material. The biofireplace without a sliding damper are put out by isolating the air from the burner with a dedicated snuffer included with the product.



Maintain the product only when it has been put out and cooled down. Clean the biofireplace frequently. Clean the installation parts and the bio-fuel canister with a damp cloth and a non- corrosive detergent suitable for the surface you clean. If the biofireplace has a glass pane, clean it with commercially available household glass cleaners.



If the biofireplace has already been lit, it cannot be replaced or returned on warranty claims. The Manufacturer guarantees proper operation of the absorbing insert for 2 years from the original date of purchase. The buyer is required to read and understand the Installation & Operation Manual. If you wish to claim a defect in the product, serve a complaint report with the proof of purchase. These documents are required for the warranty complaint procedure to begin. Your complaint will be examined in 14 working days from the date of claiming the defects on warranty, in writing. Warranty claims can be served with an on-line form at or e-mailed to Please also read our Terms of Sale before filing a complaint. You can also find the application form there.



Ceramic wood for biofireplaces is a perfect decoration for both hanging and standing biofireplaces. They imitate different types of trees, in this case birch trees. Because during their operation, biofireplaces are close to fire, they are resistant to high temperatures. The decorative element should not block the burner. Placing the decoration in the flame can affect the formation of soot. Do not touch the decoration until it has cooled down, at least 30 minutes after switching off the burner. For safety reasons, do not use any other decoration material apart from the adapted accessories.