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Bioethanol «Grapefruit» 1L


1 liter of ecological bioethanol with grapefruit aroma for biofireplaces. The approximate combustion time of 1 liter of biofuel is about 2-5 hours (depending on the size of the biofireplace).


Shipping time: 10-20 days


You can read more about the product in its description below.

    About the product:

    Bioethanol with grapefruit aroma is a special liquid for use in biofireplaces as an ecological source of energy. Derived from biological alcohol, it burns completely without emitting smoke. The products of combustion are: water vapor and carbon dioxide in an amount similar to the air exhaled by a person. Therefore, it is completely safe for health. The fuel has been tested and approved for use by the National Institute of Public Health.



    Biofuel combustion:

    1 liter of bioethanol with grapefruit aroma burns in 2-5 hours – depending on the size of the flame. It is an efficient and relatively cheap source of energy. After a few minutes of use, there is a noticeable increase in the temperature in the room. An additional advantage of biofuels is the absence of soot and ash produced during combustion in traditional fireplaces. Burning biofuels does not require chimneys. All that is needed, as in other devices with open fire, is any possible constant supply of air. Biofireplace can also be used for aromatherapy. Biofuels do not dry the air, but humidify it. The magic and charm of the bio-fireplace flame creates a cozy atmosphere in the house and is a source of relaxation. Our biofuel is from Poland and it is 100% ecological.



    Instructions for use:
    • – Pour the liquid into a metal container for burning.
    • – The container can only be filled to 2/3 of its volume.
    • – Make sure that the liquid does not spill out of the container and set it on fire.

    NOTE: Do not add biofuel to a running or still hot biofireplace!

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    Dimensions 4 × 2 × 10 см