Biofireplace «Glory»


37,1 45,1

Weight (kg) 1,3
Height (cm) 27
Width (cm) 16
Depth (cm) 16
Shipping time 5-10 days
    About the product:

    Biofireplace «Glory» is ideal for creating a cozy environment. The biofireplace has a cylindrical shape, so it is ideal for both classic and modern interiors or outdoor terraces.  Does not require connection to a chimney. Just place, pour biofuel up to the level marked in the container, and enjoy the warmth and the beautiful view of a real fire! It is possible to regulate and extinguish the flame at any time. Remember to ventilate the room where the biofireplace is located. If the weather conditions are favorable, it can be a decoration of the terrace or garden.

    Biofireplace «Glory» is standalone and does not require special assembly, it is enough to assemble the elements added in the packaging in accordance with the instructions for use. The biofireplace is made of stainless steel and steel parts coated with heat-resistant paint. The table biofireplace is equipped with a flame guard made of heat-resistant tempered glass, which also gives the fireplace a luxurious look.

    This biofireplace has an additional base around the flame for placing decorative stones. Thanks to these stones, the bio fireplace looks even more stylish and cozy. You don’t have to buy the stones separately, they are part of the standard biofireplace package.


    Quality and safety guarantee:
        • – Biofireplaces are made of high quality materials. The production process is carried out according to world standards, that is confirmed by obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.
        • – Biofireplace has the certificate: CE, EN 16647:2015

          Absorbent insert placed in the center of the container reduces fuel consumption and protects against spilling of biofuels in case of tilting the device.

    Note! It is not allowed to add biofuel to a burning or hot biofireplace!
     During combustion and after extinguishing, the biocontainer is very hot, do not touch it!


    Ecological heat:

    We’re all about ecology! Buying our biofireplace you care about the environment. You do not contribute to the formation of smog. All this is due to the fact that the products of biofuel combustion are only: heat, water vapour and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide (as in the air exhaled by us).

    Biofireplace raises the temperature up to several Celsius degrees, depending on the height of the flame and the size of the inside. 100% generated heat is passed on to the room, thanks to which the biofireplace can be an additional source of heating!



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