Birch pieces


The set contains 5 items
About the product:

Birch pieces for biofireplaces are an excellent decoration for both wall-mounted and standing biofireplaces. Their appearance imitates various types of trees. Birch pieces are resistant to high temperatures, so they can be placed on a biocontainer, close to fire.

Safe use: 

Decorative elements must not block the burner. Placing decorations in a flame can affect the formation of soot. Do not touch the decoration until it has cooled down, at least 30 minutes after the flame has gone out. For safety reasons, do not use other decorative materials than suitable accessories.


– length: 180-220 mm

– width: 30-50 mm.

Shipping time: 10-20 days
    Weight 3 кг
    Dimensions 22 × 5 × 5 см