Infrared heater «CORE» silver



Heated area (m²) 20
Heating power 2000 W
Heating element Carbon fiber lamp
Certificates CB, CE, cETL, ERP, ETL, GS, IP55, ROHS, SAA
Heat levels 4 heat levels (500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W)
Protection Overheating protection
Moisture resistance IP55
Heater size (cm) 88 x 13 x 9
Color Silver
Heat regulator Available
Weight (kg) 2,8
Heater set Infrared heater with remote control, installation components
Additional functions Adjustable timer, remote on/off control, 4 different heat levels can be adjusted remotely
Packaging 20 x 20 x 90 cm (4,9 kg)


    About the product:

    A top-tier infrared heater from a reliable manufacturer is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Compared to its counterparts, this heater is the most efficient, enabling significant cost savings. Infrared heater «CORE» silver is the most popular and best-selling heating device. Its unique, eye-catching design makes it the first choice for outdoor terraces, restaurants, and hotels.



    Save up to 30-40% on electricity costs!

    Our infrared heaters are crafted from modern, high-quality materials. The solutions and materials used in the manufacturing process allow for savings of up to 30-40% on electricity costs compared to other manufacturers’ counterparts.



    Heats an area of up to 20 m²!

    The CORE infrared heater warms an area of up to 20 m². The heating is adjustable, with 4 heat levels available, ranging from maximum warmth to gentle, light heating.



    Suitable for outdoor use

    This infrared heating device has an IP55 moisture resistance rating, meaning you can confidently use it outdoors. It’s ideal for heating terraces and other outdoor spaces.



    Easy to use. With remote control and timer!

    Our heaters are designed for easy setup and use. The CORE heaters come with easy-to-follow instructions. It is equipped with wall mounts and a remote control, making operation even easier. With just a touch, you can turn the heater on/off and adjust the heat setting. The heater also features a timer, allowing you to set how long you want the heater to be on. The heater is equipped with wall mounts. One remote control can operate one or multiple CORE heaters at once. All functions of the heater can also be accessed using the heater’s control panel (remote control is not required).




    Infrared heaters are safe, and their bodies do not get hot. The heater has several safety certificates (see technical data). The heater is certified with moisture resistance standard IP55 and can therefore be used outdoors.



    Low glare – doesn’t strain the eyes

    This infrared heater features an integrated carbon fiber heating element, which emits medium wavelength infrared radiation. Thanks to the unique construction of the heater, all radiation is directed towards the heated area or zone. The heating element emits a dim orange glow. The heater does not glare or tire the eyes, making it comfortable to be around.




    These infrared heaters can be easily and effortlessly mounted on the wall or ceiling. Mounting hardware and installation instructions are included in the heater’s package. If needed, the heater can also be installed on a stand.



    If needed, feel free to contact us for assistance when selecting a heater. We advise and help you choose the most suitable heater that fits your budget, heating area, location, and design preferences.