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Wall unit «Fly N2» with biofireplace


Weight NETTO (kg)  57,715 
Carton weight (kg)  1,785 
Height (cm)   ~150 
Width (cm)   160 
Depth (cm)   40 
Quantity of packages (pcs)  4
Shipping time  10-20 days
    About the product:

    Wall unit «Fly N2» with biofireplace: Furniture with a biofireplace is a new word in the world of design and interior! It will not only add elegance and uniqueness to your room, but also create a cozy atmosphere due to the live flame of a biofireplace.


    1 x Wall cabinet with 1 partially glazed flap (2 chambers inside) – (HxWxD: 30x160x29)
    1 x TV stand: on the left and right one cabinet with one chamber inside. In the middle biofireplace. Led lighting included. “Push-click” opening system – (HxWxD: 40x160x40)


    Construction of body: LAMINATED FURNITURE BOARD
    Body design: MATT

    Construction of fronts: MDF, PVC FOIL, GLASS, BIOFIREPLACE
    Front design: GLOSS

    Dimensions and weight of packages:

    Wall unit «Fly N2» with biofireplace: 4 packages

    • – Package 1: 95/40/14 – 27kg
    • – Package 2: 95/43/14 – 12,5kg
    • – Package 3: 172/30/7 – 20 kg
    • – Package 4: LED


    Ecological heat:

    We’re all about ecology! Buying our biofireplace you care about the environment. You do not contribute to the formation of smog. All this is due to the fact that the products of biofuel combustion are only: heat, water vapour and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide (as in the air exhaled by us).

    Biofireplace raises the temperature up to several Celsius degrees, depending on the height of the flame and the size of the inside. 100% generated heat is passed on to the room, thanks to which the biofireplace can be an additional source of heating!

    • During combustion and after extinguishing, the biocontainer is very hot, do not touch it!
    • It is not allowed to add biofuel to a burning or hot biofireplace!



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