Gas heater «REDEM»


194,5 237,3

Heated area (m²) 24
Heating power Up to 13500 W
Gas type Butane/propane or their mixture
Gas consumption 0.45 kg/h – 0.87 kg/h
Automatic shutdown Yes. If the gas heater tips over, it automatically shuts off
Protection against gas leaks Yes
Heater set Heater, gas pressure regulator, reducer, hose, transport wheels
Heater body Steel
Height (cm) 225
Base diameter (cm) 46
Weight (kg) 19
Color Brown
Packaging 45 x 88 x 45 cm (19 kg)
    About the product:

    Gas heater «REDEM»


    This gas heater is very popular due to its affordable price and quality. These heaters are made of durable and long-lasting steel, coated with a brown color suitable for various environments. When the heating element is turned on, it immediately starts radiating pleasant heat, and depending on the weather conditions, you can easily adjust the heat setting with the control panel. Thanks to the heater, you can spend even more time outdoors, and in addition to its direct function, it also creates a cozy atmosphere by providing pleasant light.



    Gas heater «REDEM» is ready to use

    When choosing a heater, pay attention to its components. If you haven’t bought a heater before, you may be disappointed when purchasing from other stores because certain accessories may not be included in the price. The most common parts are the regulator and gas hose – without these parts, the heater will not work. We want to emphasize that our heater is complete and includes all the equipment you need to use the heater. You just need to buy a gas cylinder additionally.



    Designed for ease of use

    The development of this heater takes into account the manufacturer’s years of experience in the heating equipment market. This heater contains many elements that are not visible but are useful for the user:

    • – Extremely easy to use. To turn on the heater, simply connect the gas cylinder, turn on the gas, and press the ignition button. The heat intensity can be adjusted using the lever.
    • – Next-generation waterproof PIEZO ignition element. This ignition element is powered by a battery that can be purchased from any store. With just one battery, the heater will last a long time, and once you have inserted the battery, you can completely forget about it.



    Safe heater. Ideal for both home and commercial use
    • – The heater automatically extinguishes the flame and cuts off the gas supply if the heater is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees or more.
    • – The heater is designed to prevent the spread of an open flame.
    • – The gas cylinder has integrated fittings for the gas cylinder container. If the heater is tilted or falls over, the gas cylinder remains in the container and does not fall out.