Infrared heater «TREND»


171,3 209,0

Heated area (m²) 16
Heating power 2000 W
Heating element Halogen lamp
Certificates CE, cETL, ETL, IP34, ROHS
Heat levels 2 heat levels (1000W, 2000W)
Protection Tip-over protection, Overheating protection
Moisture resistance IP34
Heater size (cm) 50 x 230
Color Black
Heat regulator Yes
Weight (kg) 10,5
Heater set Infrared heater, infrared heater leg, base
Heater body Stainless steel
Packaging 30 x 30 x 120 cm (16,3 kg)
    About the product:

    A top-tier infrared heater from a reliable manufacturer is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Compared to its counterparts, this heater is the most efficient, enabling significant cost savings. The TREND infrared heater is a unique, cozy, standalone heating device that not only enhances your surroundings but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.



    Save up to 30-40% on electricity costs!

    Our infrared heaters are crafted from modern, high-quality materials. The solutions and materials used in the manufacturing process allow for savings of up to 30-40% on electricity costs compared to other manufacturers’ counterparts.



    Heats an area of up to 16 m²!

    The TREND infrared heater warms an area of up to 16 m².



    Suitable for outdoor use

    This infrared heating device has an IP34 moisture resistance rating, meaning you can confidently use it outdoors. It’s ideal for heating terraces and other outdoor spaces.



    Easy to use. Two heat settings

    Our heaters are designed for easy setup and use. The TREND heaters come with easy-to-follow instructions, making assembly quick and straightforward. The heater has two heat settings, allowing you to maintain a cozy temperature on warm summer evenings or cooler weather.




    Infrared heaters are safe, and their bodies do not get hot. The heater has several safety certificates (see technical data). The heater is certified with moisture resistance standard IP34 and can therefore be used outdoors.



    A heater that can also be used as a pendant light

    This infrared heater features an integrated halogen lamp, providing enough light to enjoy your evenings on the terrace. This feature makes it popular for home or restaurant terraces.



    If needed, feel free to contact us for assistance when selecting a heater. We advise and help you choose the most suitable heater that fits your budget, heating area, location, and design preferences.