Patio umbrella «COMFORT»



Color Anthracite, Gray or Taupe
Size (m) 2,7 x 2,7
Durability Resistant to rain, sunlight (UV40+)
Profile connections Metal is designed for extremely frequent use and can withstand heavy loads
Construction features
Durable, strong, certified. Manufactured using the most modern construction profile manufacturing technology
Frame construction
Aluminum frame (64×45 mm, thickness of the coating layer 1.5 mm), industrially coated with corrosion-resistant paint. Profiles are connected to each other with strong metal joints
Roof construction 8 Aluminum rods (22×13 mm)
Thickness of the umbrella fabric 200 g/m2 100% polyester
Additional features of the umbrella Rotates 360 degrees\ adjustable horizontally
Kit Umbrella structure, roof, guide, cross-shaped metal base
Packaging 33 x 15 x 200 cm (18.2 kg)
    About the product:


    Patio umbrella «COMFORT»

    The high-quality and durable «COMFORT» umbrella is ideal for everyday use in restaurants and gardens. They are ideal for protection from sun and rain and for decorating outdoor spaces.


    «COMFORT» – the most popular class of patio umbrellas

    «COMFORT» umbrellas are among the most popular parasols because their price-quality ratio is perfect.

    Many people have already tried and really enjoyed the functionality and quality materials of these parasols. The stylish design is ideal for various outdoor terraces or other outdoor settings.


    High quality patio umbrella cover material

    High quality «COMFORT» umbrellas are resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays (UV 40+) and the cover is made from 100% waterproof polyester (200 g/m2). These properties not only provide the desired shade or protection from rain, but also make the coating easier to maintain and clean, and make the color long-lasting.

    Patio umbrella «COMFORT» is designed for those who seek the best

    The «COMFORT» collection is designed for those who seek the best. It represents our most luxurious and durable class of umbrellas, designed using the finest technical materials to ensure their reliability and outstanding image. The high-quality aluminum frame and steel roof construction of the «COMFORT» parasol utilize the most advanced technologies for manufacturing structural profiles. The aluminum frame, measuring 64×45 mm, is industrially coated with corrosion-resistant paint, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal even after prolonged use, with profiles connected by strong metal connections. The roof structure consists of eight aluminum rods (22×13 mm), providing strength and stability.

    Moisture Resistant – Use it in both rainy and sunny weather

    Moisture-resistant umbrella fabric is a feature of the «COMFORT» collection. Therefore, you can use parasols in both rain and sunshine.



    Wind resistance

    This large patio umbrella model offers the highest wind resistance. The metal cross base of the umbrella provides strength and stability in windy conditions. However, to ensure stability in windy conditions, weight plates are required, which can be purchased separately.

    Adjustable parasol position

    This is one of our most functional patio umbrella! You can adjust the position of the «COMFORT» umbrella in three directions: vertically, horizontally, and 360 degrees. This feature allows you to protect yourself from the sun and rain without changing the location and achieve maximum comfort – you can cover different areas without changing the position of the umbrella, according to the direction of the sun rays. High-quality opening and closing mechanisms and position adjustment mechanisms make it easy to adjust the position of the «COMFORT» according to your needs.

    Modern Design and Popular Colors

    High-quality umbrellas are characterized not only by quality materials and modern manufacturing technology but also by modern design. The product is perfect for those looking for a parasol that fulfills its direct function while also being a stylish element in outdoor areas. «COMFORT» umbrellas are popular and are often used on home outdoor terraces, but they are also great for cafes. You can choose from three popular colors: taupe, gray, and anthracite. These soft tones are ideal for both natural and urban environments.



    Large but compact

    When unfolded, the umbrella covers an area of up to 7,5 m2 (2,7×2,7 m), but when folded it is compact and takes up minimal space. This feature makes the umbrella ideal for small terraces and cafes. If you want to ensure maximum protection for your umbrella, we recommend purchasing a protective cover that can be placed over your umbrella when you are not using it.